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*Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


Bondable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) OceaPoly® sheet material can be bonded to all types of materials, such as;  stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass and wood.

OceaPoly® provides an impermeable, abrasion and impact resistance, nonstick barrier for a large variety of marine craft and structural surfaces. OceaPoly® has the most long term value, lowest life cycle cost and is an environmental GREEN product.


VersaPoly® is our food and industrial grades of bondable UHMW.  With our twenty years of engineering designing and fabricating UHMW products, our experience assures that the best UHMW formulations will be design into your product requirements.

VersaPoly® products can be engineered to be as stiff and as strong as steel, stainless steel or aluminum products but have more added features such as; better abrasion resistance, equal impact resistance of steel, light weight like aluminum, chemical resistance and lubricity close to PTFE or DuPont’s trade name Teflon.

• OceaPoly® and VersaPoly® are "GREEN" •

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